Tablet Owners Most Active in M-Commerce

More satisfying shopping experience via tablet may be a reason why

Increased tablet adoption could be the push that mobile commerce needs to get off the ground. Data from Ipsos indicates that tablet ownership leads to greater mobile purchasing, perhaps due to an improved shopping experience on the media-rich devices. According to Ipsos, tablet owners shop via mobile devices on a more frequent basis and spend more than smartphone owners.

Ipsos also presents a group of consumers called “dual owners”—those who own both tablet and smartphone devices. Dual owners, Ipsos determined, conduct m-commerce purchases twice as often as those who own only smartphones. Dual owners, on average, made more than 20 mobile purchases over the past year.

Number of Mobile Purchases Made by US Smartphone-Only vs. Smartphone and Tablet Owners, Aug 2011 (% of total)

Dual owners not only purchase more often via mobile, but they also spend more money during their purchases. Among smartphone owners, 70% told Ipsos that the mobile device had little to no impact on their spending—in some cases, they may have spent less than they normally would have. The majority of dual owners, however, reported the opposite. Sixty-three percent of respondents who own both a tablet and smartphone said they probably spend more money due to mobile purchasing.

Effect of Mobile Purchasing on Overall Spending of US Smartphone-Only vs. Smartphone and Tablet Owners, Aug 2011 (% of total)

According to Ipsos, dual ownership skews toward high-income males, which may be a reason for the higher spending. Ipsos survey data suggests that the tablet may be more conducive and pleasing to mobile shopping than the smartphone, and that the addition of a tablet makes smartphone owners more likely to purchase via mobile. Roughly 25% of dual owners told Ipsos that they prefer to purchase on a website via tablet, but not smartphone.

The popularity of mobile shopping via tablet may imply that the purchase experience on devices such as iPads is preferred to that of the smartphone. A study by ecommerce consulting firm the e-tailing group indicates that tablet owners are slightly more satisfied with their mobile shopping experiences than are smartphone owners. Eighty-eight percent of tablet owners were at least “somewhat” satisfied with their experiences compared to 73% of smartphone owners.

Satisfaction Level from Most Recent Shopping Experience via Their Device According to US Tablet vs. Smartphone Owners, Feb 2011 (% of respondents)

Increased tablet adoption—and increased sophistication of tablet-optimized ecommerce sites—could usher in a new wave of m-commerce.

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