Custom Website Design

Customized Website Design for the Company Serving Legal or Health Care Professionals

A basic website with a simple design may not optimally serve a company serious about marketing to legal and health care professionals. As Internet users become more sophisticated, their expectations for a high quality, informative, and functional website increase. Private Practice Media’s team of Internet and marketing experts consistently deliver beautifully designed websites that attract prospective clients and keep them engaged. Our customized websites are known for providing a memorable visual impact and fully-developed content that is accurate and useful. As a premier website design company serving the health care and legal fields, Private Practice Media offers a full palette of choices for making your website stand out from the crowd.

Customized Website Options

At Private Practice Media, we recognize that every company has unique goals and needs. Our Internet marketing experts will work with you to determine the ideal scope and size for your website project, and you will have a complete range of website design and development options to choose from so that your website will fully meet your expectations.

If your company wants to establish a more substantial online presence, Private Practice Media offers custom-built websites featuring original content and a customized website design that advance your company’s objectives for marketing to health care and legal professionals. Among the many useful tools available, your customized website can include a blog to keep users abreast of new developments, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help increase your site’s prominence on search engine results, and detailed statistical reports so that you can monitor its performance.

Your customized website will be meticulously crafted to create a highly favorable impression for your company and to generate new contacts from prospective clients.

Beautiful and Functional Website Design

Creating a customized website that has a striking visual presentation and is easy to use is an intricate process that requires consummate skill. As our Private Practice Media showroom demonstrates, our experts in website design produce the high-quality health care and legal websites that are both eye catching and supremely functional. In creating your website, your designer will incorporate your company’s vision in a visually stunning layout that presents information clearly and in an easily accessible manner. Your website design will help your company stand out from the competition, and your site will generate new leads from prospective clients interested in your company’s products or services.

Customized Content Development

As a top-tier, full-service web design company, Private Practice Media provides custom legal and health care–oriented content to ensure that visitors to your site are fully informed about your services or products with well-written, interesting text. Your Private Practice Media design team will include an experienced writer who has broad knowledge of the legal and health care fields and who is well versed in marketing principles. Your writer will work with you in consultations to determine precisely the information and tone you want to impart with your content. And before your custom content is uploaded to the web, it will be put through rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure that it attracts potential clients and leads them to contact your company. 

Website Maintenance Subcription

As part of your maintenance subcription, you will have the option to update your website every month. Within the limits of our monthly Website Maintenance Subcription, you will be able to update your site with current information. You can keep your website up-to-date with minimal hassle so that your clients and potential customers are always informed of your company’s latest offerings.

Flash Animation to Enhance Your Website Design

An excellent way to bring an otherwise static website to life is by integrating Flash animation with the website design. Flash can give your company an edge by highlighting health care or legal products or services with custom animation sequences that capture and hold the attention of visitors to your website. People respond most readily to visual stimulation — when you choose Flash animation for your website, you enhance the delivery of your company’s message by including dynamic visual elements that are engaging and captivating. Private Practice Media’s web designers have an established reputation for creating some of the most effective Flash-animated websites on the Internet.


One of the most exciting innovations to appear on the Internet in recent years is the blog. Including an Private Practice Media blog on your company’s website gives you the ability to update your site with new information as often as you wish. A blog also gives your website a more personal touch and reinforces the perception that your company cares about and is in tune with current and prospective clients and their interests and concerns. By taking advantage of the interactive technology of a blog, you can provide current and prospective clients with up-to-date information about your company, and you can develop a closer bond with them.

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